Thursday, 23 May 2013

Embellisher and blankets fun

Dyed blanket pieces, bits of ribbon and velvet form the start of a cushion
During my time out I started this cushion cover. It feels good to play with colours and

Are you a maker? Can you lose all sense of time and put cares and responsibilities on hold while you get totally involved in the project in front of you? Some people get 'lost in music', others are transported by looking at paintings or reading poetry.  We all need something in our lives to escape into. Something that is uniquely ours. Something we can control and enjoy.

In the shop, Handmade Happiness, I often have conversations about the process of making things. I like bright colours and lots of different textures. You may like those greyed Farrow and Ball colours and smooth textures. There are no rights and wrongs. Everyone is an individual. Self expression. Because you are the only one who can express yourself in your own unique way.  Just do it.


acornmoon said...

Well said, there is no better escape, except perhaps reading blogs!

Anonymous said...

Making is a wonderful therapy for all life's ills. Great to have you back Jen!
Christine x