Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Colours on a damp day!

My painted beads
 Yesterday only three people braved the wind and the rain and visited the shop. It was quiet. Looks like being the same today. So it will be a making day. A chance to spread the dress pattern over the floor and cut out the fabric. (I mopped the floor yesterday.)

I can't wait for my many making projects to be finished so I can see what the end result looks like. It all feels a bit experimental with ideas running round my head and in the notebook. 

Yesterday I was looking back at the first few Handmade Happiness cash books and realised that a much higher proportion of the things in the shop were made by me then. I seem to have evolved, reluctantly, into a shop assistant who spends a lot of time on shop paperwork when she'd rather be being creative. It must be about being better organised with time slots to achieve what I want to do and what I need to do... As my school reports used to say 'could do better' !!

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