Friday, 10 May 2013

Fabric colour inspiration

Exciting red with calming pink. 
Sorting my fabric stash into colours is quite inspiring. On my 'To Do' list is a woman's dress, a little girl's dress and yards of bunting. I wonder if you can guess what category these fabrics fall into. (Answer tomorrow.) I love the exciting reds best teamed with mustard yellows or red with clover pink yes, I like that too.

These fabrics, along with many others have been collected in laundary baskets over many years. I'm not very good at using them. I like to look at them. Handmade Happiness gives me the incentive to make things to sell with them. Wish me luck.

Yesterday on the way to work I popped into the charity shops to look for small print cotton fabric. I found that 90% of clothes on the rails aren't cotton now. At best they're a man-made  mixture including cotton but I found nothing with that smooth feel of 100% cotton. But I did find a few nice bits of bling for wedding makes...

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Anonymous said...

I completely agree, beautiful cottons are very hard to come by - such a shame! It looks like you have a nice collection anyway. Kate x