Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Rushing round London

This and the two following pictures are of the relatively new Gudrun Sjoden  shop in Covent Garden

I didn't arrive until nearly closing time. Luckily I only needed one thing.
Strings of glass beads through the window
 I had a great time in London yesterday but apologies for only remembering to start taking photos just before 7pm. Yes Beadworks doesn't close til 7pm.

So daughter and I met just before lunchtime and grabbed my favourite magazine at Selfridges (nowhere else seems to sell it) before sharing a slate of vegetables (antipasti verdure) at Fenwicks Carluccios which was packed with diners. 

We talked wedding over lunch. Me taking notes and us both doing sketches in my notebook. I now feel a lot clearer about what I need to do. And Fenwicks selection of hair ornaments made me see how simple but effective you can be with a bit of vintage lace and a few sparkly stones. She wants a 'v' shaped belt which is a bit more complicated but something to think about. And mens' buttonholes, check;  decorated 'vases' and candle holders for the tables and lots of paper flowers.

Then to John Lewis where I found a simple dress pattern. Amy is very anti 'sack dresses' and whenever I describe what I want to make she feels the shape I have in mind is unflattering to women. I think it is great to wear  cinched in waist shapes if you're a size 8 but if you are larger you want skimming, not tight. I found the hair combs I sought. Then I waited and looked while daughter tried on dresses I could never make in  Hoss Intropia and Cos in Regent Street. I noted lots of nice things in Cos - in natural cottons too. Then we looked at a new Swedish shop called 'And other stories' before walking down to Tottenham Court Road tube to avoid the rush hour crowd at Oxford Circus.

It was now after 6.30pm so I went alone to Covent Garden to check out Beadworks just before it closed - I wanted chains to make jewellery but bought a couple of lengths that weren't, to be honest what I had in mind but I'll try to use them anyway. So home with my magazine, hair combs, pattern and chains. And buzzing with all I had seen.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you were very restrained Jenny! Well done! See you tomorrow. Kate x