Friday, 17 May 2013

Layering and piecing fabrics for clothes

Heirloom skirt by Mandy Pattullo
Old clothes pieced together to make a dress. Found on pinterest and credited to
Found on Pinterest from
issey miyake
I am fascinated by pieced together clothes at the moment. Like rag rugs which originally put to good use old and worn out clothing, clothes composed of small bits of fabric seem to make good use of any scraps you have too small be used on their own. And they are a form of art.

So a child's dress could find its way into an adult dress and accidentally felted cashmere could see new life as part of a pieced winter dress. Mandy Pattullo (top picture) makes art clothes using old quilts. Her blog is

From the makers point of view clothes like these avoid spending money on new fabric but artfully using what we have. From the customers point of view they will possess a one-off, never possible to repeat unique piece of clothing. 

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