Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Where were you on Bank Holiday Monday?

The band sitting
The band marching
One of the really pretty village cottages
I had a stall at the South Harting Village Day yesterday in the blazing sunshine. Why does the sun always take us by surprise? Like most people I don't wear a hat and don't think to use sunscreen. But six hours of standing in the sun equals sunburn and there must be many others who'll take red faces back to work with them today!

The band played, the children were dressed as story book characters, hundreds, if not thousands of families come out to support their village every year and there is a wonderful feeling of community spirit.
I can understand why Londoners find living in a village like this so appealing. You get all the charm of village life with London only an hour away by train from Petersfield which is about three miles away. Bike to Petersfield and you don't have the parking problem either.

During the week I had a visit from advertising staff on the Petersfield Messenger, a local free paper. Did I want to take out a series of advertisements on an inside page? No, I'd rather  spend a day outside in the sun handing out Handmade Happiness business cards and telling people about the shop even if my first stop on the way to work will be Boots for soothing 'After Sun' cream!

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