Saturday, 18 May 2013

Lace - should we use it?

Ancient lace, one piece signed, with mother of pearl buttons
Assorted motifs
Ecru and white. So pretty...
 Ancient lace created with its many bobbins and complicated patterns gets passed down through the generations.  Dressing table sets and tray cloths and complicated lace collars. It's all so beautiful and represents so many hours of labour - is it too good for us to use again now?

Mine is stored in a box marked 'Old Lace'  Some of it I found at Fontwell car boot sale. You could pick up beautiful old pieces for pennies years ago. I vaguely remember a costumier selling off pieces that had been used in the theatre years before. But most of my lace was given to me by my friend Clare to use in my work for collage and making bags.

Now with my elder daughter getting married I am looking at this treasure with a fresh eye. It is so delicate and some pieces are so old it must be used with a lot of sensitivity and respect...

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Fibre frenzi said...

Wow!! A wedding on the horizon...many congratulations to the bride !