Saturday, 11 May 2013

New mugs and bowls

Samantha Robertson's mugs, coasters and tea light holders and Michelle Green's bird
Samantha Robertson's bowls
Storage jars by Samantha Robertson
 As promised here are the new ceramics by Samantha Robertson in the Handmade Happiness window this week.

Yesterday I finished making the butterflies that I put in the window last night. I cut my own pattern but I saw a picture on pinterest of butterflies hanging off an embroidery hoop which gave me the idea. The pinterest butterflies had an extra layer of vellum, which is that cloudy transparent paper seen in stamp collectors albums. I like that idea too.

Oh yes, I said I'd tell you today what those fabrics pictured yesterday are for. I want to make a little girl's dress with them.


Anonymous said...

It looks lovely Jenny! Looking forward to seeing the little girls dress. Kate x

jenny said...

Hello Kate. Thank you for commenting.x