Friday, 31 May 2013

Ghostly iris and thoughts about time

Iris by daylight
Glowing iris at twilight
These iris are the palest lilac. They look normal by daylight but they seem to glow at night.

Isn't it funny how time seems to move at a different rate depending on what you're doing.  Ten minutes in a queue at the post office can feel like hours but ten minutes on Pinterest passes in a flash. 

Maybe the secret to slowing down time is to only do things that bore you.
At school who doesn't remember gazing longingly out of the window while the lesson goes on and on and on.  As you get older time seems to speed up anyway. You say:'Surely it can't be Sunday already.' And in the shop when it's quiet (rain) it seems to take forever to get to 5 o'clock but those days when lots of people come in and the whole day is spent in interesting conversations - those days pass in a flash too.

But how to we make time to do the things we love? I am trying to have early nights at the moment. Ten o'clock bedtime in the hope of getting up at 5ish to make. It hasn't worked this morning but I'll keep you posted.
ps. Can you believe that June starts tomorrow? As Simon and Garfunkel said: 'June has come too soon'.

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