Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Felt, embellished for specs cases

Hand made felt with embellished velvet by Jenny Stacy 
Smaller specs case knitted by Jenny Stacy
 I do love a bit of bright colour! The top specs case (or it could be used for a phone) has a popper opening. You can do so much with felt. And how about combining knitting and hand made felt - that could look beautiful...

Do you watch 'The Apprentice'? Last night when the teams raced round Dubai looking for certain items for a newly built hotel was a lesson in the importance of listening to other people - even if they do irritate the hell out of you! I just have to watch that programme - the clash of inflated egos makes you wonder about the candidates' upbringing. Were they always told they could do no wrong? 

I think it's really important to praise your children but for a child to grow up thinking he or she is better than everyone else is cruel. That child will have a very rude awakening probably while still at school. We all have our special talents that can be praised and encouraged but we should realise pretty early on that lots of people are better than us at lots of other things. 

Hopefully every individual will find out what they are good at and be able to work at those areas they can truly shine in. 

I do wonder about musical instruments though. How do  you know if you could have been a genius on the saxophone if you never in life had the opportunity to even pick one up?!!

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Lottie said...

Yes I agree... I try the 'praise, love and cosseting' coupled with 'consideration, respect and do-as-you-would-be-done-by' and so far so good!

Love your shop and hope to come in next week :)