Sunday, 26 May 2013

Carolyn Genders ceramics and Japanese embroidery both found on Pinterest

Vessel by Carolyn Genders from Pinterest
Embroidered clutch bag from found on Pinterest
 Without Pinterest I may never have seen the work of Carolyn Genders or the beautiful embroidery pictured.  This is a reminder of just how good handmade can be. Exceptional pieces.
Handmade Happiness teeters between shop and gallery. It's all handmade so maybe it should be a gallery. But the informality of the display makes it a shop. I think if it were a gallery I'd have to invest in those white box plinths and it would all get a bit precious and expensive and untouchable. 

I like the fact that Handmade Happiness is relaxed and accessible. Children feel comfortable to look and even touch. It's good for them to see beauty. To see what individuals are capable of making - like these two objects pictured above.

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Anonymous said...

So pleased you are back Jenny! Have a happy, sunny Sunday.
Love, Kate x x