Thursday, 16 May 2013

New cards by Dave Tull

Close up flower card by photographer Dave Tull
Another new card by local photographer Dave Tull
 I like these new cards made by local photographer Dave Tull. There is one of a rose that is so close up it looks like a painting. Available in Handmade Happiness now. 
£3-00 each.

Having just received a request to sell the work of someone in Romania it is maybe time to spell out what the Handmade Happiness shop is all about.

 Handmade Happiness started 18 months ago as a place to buy local makers work. Gradually it has grown to include talented individuals' pieces from all over the UK. I'd say that 85% of the items in Handmade Happiness are still made in Petersfield or nearby. My mission, as Mary Portas might say is to exhibit and sell some of the best items being created in this country right now.

If you are creative - and I believe everyone is creative to some extent - you get tremendous pleasure and satisfaction from making something that other people want to buy for themselves. But how do you sell what you make?

 You can have a stall at a craft fair or local fete or offer your work to local shops. When you are confident your work sells well and you have built up a large stock you could even take a stand at a trade fair as one of the makers who supplies Handmade Happiness has just done.

 But in the meantime, if you live near Handmade Happiness and you make things feel free to come in and have a chat. Someone told me that her friend often looks in the HH window but never comes in because she doesn't need to buy anything. And? I want everyone to come in and enjoy looking around. I don't expect anyone to buy anything. If they do that's a bonus. But don't hang back. Come in. You'll be welcome!


Chrissy said...

The very reason I buy from Handmade Happiness is because it is unique hand crafted items from local people or at least UK people. Well done Jenny for staying true to your brand...not easy when you have rent and rates to pay!

jenny said...

Thank you Chrissy.