Sunday, 1 November 2020

How to make these decorations

Painted paper and wallpaper decorations made by Jenny Stacy

Faced with another period of lockdown I thought I'd share some easy How Tos through this blog and Instagram. 

To make decorations like these you need:

Scraps of wallpaper and/or painted card, magazine pages or coloured thin card. 

A ruler, a pencil, a pair of scissors, a fat needle and some thick thread.

Start by ruling your paper/card into strips 24cms by 2cms. You need 6 strips.

Measure in 12 cms and pierce all six pieces in the centre with your needle. Pierce each end 1.5 cms in. 

Thread your needle with a long piece of thick thread - 66cms will give you plenty. With thread double pierce the middle hole right side up of all 6 layers and pull the thread through, making a knot on the ends of the thread and another double knot at 11cms to stop the thread going through the hole and to form a loop for hanging.

Fan out your strips and working clockwise pierce each one with your needle and thread through the coloured side. Pull up your thread to form a ball shape. Snip needle off and knot thread twice at the base of your bauble allowing threads to dangle.

I'm planning another How to every other day during November. I promise they will be easy to do and can be done with adults helping children. Before lockdown bites on Thursday for UK readers make sure you have glue sticks, sellotape, thin card, ruler and pencil if you haven't already got these things.

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