Tuesday, 3 November 2020

How To 2: Gift Bags

Easy gift bags designed by Jenny Stacy

For the second November How To you will need: 
An old magazine or piece of gift wrap, sellotape, ruler, pencil and scissors.

Your magazine page measures 29cms by 22cms. Use this measurement if you are using gift wrap or painted paper etc.

Pull a page you like from a magazine.
With wrong side up, fold one of the longer edges over by one and a half cms. On a magazine page this will be the raw, torn edge.
Now fold in each long side so they overlap by 2 cms. Press down to crease on each side and sellotape the join.
Then fold up the base of your bag ie the other short side by 2 cms and sellotape the edge, trimming it if it doesn't look neat.
Your bag is done!

With those pictured I folded over the open top and held it down with ribbon. ie. If you don't sellotope the top they can be reused.

I only used these handmade bags in my shop for customers' purchases. If they bought something big I also made handmade carrier bags but that's a different How To.

Throughout November I intend to show a different easy How To every other day.For the first one, tree decorations, see the previous post.
For lots more pictures see my Instagram posts @jenny_handmade_happiness

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