Monday, 9 November 2020

How to 4: Pom-pom Flowers

Tissue paper flower pompom. Make in any size.
Picture One. See instructions below
Picture two. Fanning out. See below.

Ingredients:     Pack of tissue paper in the colour of your choice
                       Ruler, pencil ,scissors
                       18 inch length of wire or string or ribbon
Fold tissue so you have 8 layers. Mark 10 inches by 15 inches and cut through all layers and your fold to form an 8 layer rectangle.

Fold and crease accordian folds one and a half inches wide from a short edge ie. fold once, turn over and fold again, turn over and fold again repeat. See picture one.

Bend your wire or string in half and slip over centre of tissue and twist (wire) or knot string tightly.

Now cut both the layered ends into a curve. See picture one.

Fan out the layers of tissue each side of your centre. See picture two.

Pull out the tissue carefully layer by layer until all layers form a ball hiding your centre. I pulled out one layer from each side. Repeat.
Don't worry if the tissue tears as it probably will. This doesn't affect the overall look of the pompom.

Tie a knot at the top of your two pieces of string or bend over your two pieces of wire for hanging.

Are you enjoying these How Tos? Comments and ideas welcome.

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