Friday, 20 November 2020

How To 5: Make your own cards

It is so nice to receive a card through the letter box with its colourful Christmas stamp and hand written address. This year England is in lockdown so we have time to think about making our own...

The idea above is to pencil a piece of paper into two and a half inch squares (six and a half cms) and tear them out.

 I've used a rag paper by Khadi which makes a nice rough tear when you use water on a paint brush to go round your square then gently tear it out but you could use any white paper and cut it out.

Draw your holly with a pencil or fine black felt tip into the middle of each square. Paint it then add gold paint around the edge. I like Windsor and Newton's gold ink which comes in a small cube box. Leave to dry.

Now cut out some painted paper or gift wrap or even a magazine page you particularly like into four and a half by three and a half inch rectangles (or ten and a half by nine cms). Glue each piece to your card nearer the top than the bottom.

Now glue your holly painting to the middle of your background slightly nearer the top (see pics.) Done. 
You could make all the cards different by painting a different Christmas design on each like a Christmas tree, gift-wrapped Christmas present, snowman or angel. I hope you enjoy this How To.

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