Saturday, 5 October 2013

New designs from Kate Box

Baby comfort blanket by Kate Box.
Kate Box comfort blanket in different colourways
Baby comfort blanket by Kate Box
Other colourways - another comfort blanket by Kate Box
These super soft squares of knitting are actually works of art posing as baby 'snugglers' or comfort blankets! When Kate Box, who lives in Petersfield, bought them in to Handmade Happiness yesterday I kept picturing them in frames...! And you could, of course, buy one and frame it!

When my children were tiny it was a disaster if their 'aaah' or comfort fabric went missing or had to be washed. It could only be replaced with something with just the right feel. These pictured are designer versions of comfort fabric for very lucky babies.

Lots of new things were delivered to HH yesterday. Come in and have a look! 

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