Thursday, 31 October 2013

Handmade Kaleidoscopes

Kaleidoscopes by Frank and Janet Higgins 
Close up of kaleidoscopes by Frank and Janet Higgins
Here are the kaleidoscopes on display in Handmade Happiness following their maker, Frank Higgins' visit on Tuesday. I urge everyone to pick them up and look through them. Not necessarily to buy one but to enjoy a bit of magic - that 'wow!' moment - that looking through them gives you. The shop is lucky to stock them. 

Hasn't it turned colder? I might have to dig out the mobile radiator in the shop today and it's Halloween...... I haven't dressed the window with witches and pumpkins. I know all the supermarkets have pulled out all the stops to persuade us to buy Halloween stuff but sorry, I don't buy it. Christmas is one thing but Halloween is an American celebration that is optional for us Brits. I don't want to be 'tricked' so I buy in 'treats' for children callers and of course I want them to have fun. But as for all that orange merchandise - who needs it?

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Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more Jenny! k x