Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Fairy boxes

Fairy in a matchbox by Jenny Stacy
Fairies and their boxes by Jenny Stacy £5-00 each
 Last night I struggled to put these photos on my new etsy shop page. My son says my computer keeps crashing because it's old and short on memory. I'll try again in the shop this morning. I'm offering them on a 'make to order' basis and then if they should sell in the shop or to a customer I can make more. 

I first designed and made these fairies in boxes many years ago. One Christmas I made a lot for a London boutique. This year I plan to make a lot for Handmade Happiness but they're not quick to make. It's a multi stage process involving glitter drying time and varnish drying time. The ones I start today will be bigger as I could only find Swan Vesta matches at Tesco last night and they come in a much bigger, flatter matchbox.   More decorating space and that's what I love to do!

Fairy boxes are available to buy either in the shop or by emailling or telephoning me. £2-50 p & p in the UK. Once they're on etsy these fairies are happy to travel anywhere in the world. This blog will link to etsy as soon as I sort it out. Will let you know.

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