Monday, 9 September 2013

Business cards

Handmade Happiness business cards from
 I have run out of business cards so must order more this week. These mini cards from are the kind of card that is hard to throw away. They feel nice and I like the fact that I can order 100 cards with 100 different photos on them. I usually order them in batches of 400 as there is a slight discount when you order that many.

On Saturday my daughter collected nearly all the handmade wedding stuff. Still got to finish off glitter star garlands and I'd like to make some really pretty broderie anglaise bunting this week.
I'll be leaving the shop in the capable hands of Roly Phillips when I'm away at the weekend. So if you want to see me personally visit tomorrow (Tuesday) Wednesday or Thursday. 

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Fibre frenzi said...

Hope wedding goes really well .... shall be thinking of you x