Thursday, 19 September 2013

Red and pink

I loved this bag. I made an aubergine needlecord lining for it and sold it for £75
I bought these little velvet flowers in France years ago.
These tiles are underfoot in a shop entrance in Havant..
Red and pink Marimekko with velvet, yarn and a Guzzini pot.
I've spent far too long this morning looking at old photos. I'm deciding what I can best focus on making. 

Jewellery is best because it doesn't take as long as making a bag or cushion or doll and it sells fairly fast. But what am I actually doing right now? I'm painting wooden letters and numbers to sell in the shop's 'to make with' section. I have a bag full of each and I figured they'll look better if they're painted in nice colours. 

This is not a good use of my time. If I had a boss they would say, 'Stop! Do what makes you money.' The trouble is you have to do what you feel like doing. If you're not in a jewellery mood you have to just do what you can do. Hopefully the jewellery mood will come to me later in the week!! Can you relate to this?

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