Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Finding nice stuff to make with

I like Noro yarns
With Kaffe Fassett design fabrics just a little can be very useful
One of the pleasures of visiting a new town or city is finding something special to make with. Top of my places to find nice things to make with would be Paris but I haven't been there for many years I just have fond memories of stumbling upon little shops tightly packed with ribbons, fabrics and yarn, all lovely quality. And the shops selling all things paper - paper looking like wood, frosted transparent paper in lime and hot pink, rag papers dyed all the colours with bits of leaf in it. In one street there are three shops selling just papers side by side.

These pictures were taken in Guildford's Pandora and even closer to home I have found nice stationery in Academy Art shop off Station Road, here in Petersfield.  When I lived in Chichester I would sometimes visit the Fontwell car boot sale and found some lovely bits for making with there. I think there was someone there who used to make theatre costumes and was gradually selling off her own making supplies.

 Finding something special that inspires you whether it's at home or when out and about makes it easy to translate it into an item that pleases you. If you are going to put hours, days, weeks or even months of effort into making something it's important to use the most pleasing-to-you materials you can. A little bit of perfect is worth any amount of 'it will do'...! 

This post was triggered by a visit yesterday from a lovely lady with knitted baby jackets. Beautifully knitted and practical - being white acrylic they could go in the washing machine. But I couldn't help thinking how extra special they would be if knitted in Debbie Bliss' baby cashmerino (a cashmere/ merino wool mix) ...

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