Monday, 2 September 2013

More dolls like this

Simple doll by Jenny Stacy. sold.
When I have time I'd like to make more dolls like this. With an ordinary rag doll you have to stuff the arms and legs and that's the worst bit. So I remember trying to simplify a doll design down to its bare minimum. Face and body. No hair to speak of, no limbs. The pattern I drew looked like a hand grenade because she had to be clutchable! That pattern on an old manilla envelope is pinned to my noticeboard.

 This design is fun for me to make because the bit I enjoy most is painting the face and deciding on her outfit.

Do you remember playing with dolls as a child? My brother had an Action Man and I had a Sindy. I remember knitting her a red polo neck jumper when I was seven or eight but I can't remember actually playing with her. Perhaps she'd got blown up by Action Man!