Monday, 7 October 2013

Talking ideas with a friend

Bee Mellor's embroidery on the noticeboard at Handmade Happiness
Today I'm having a creative meeting with my friend Bee Mellor who's over from Australia. I'm excited about the prospect of making things together for Handmade Happiness

For years I've admired Bee's combination of painting and embroidery and her fantastic sense of colour.  Even though she now lives on the other side of the world (Bee and her husband used to live in Liss) we keep in regular contact via email and ever since Handmade Happiness opened I have wanted Bee's gorgeous work to sell in my shop. Bee makes cards, wall hangings and paints pictures. She also embroiders sumptuous spec cases and book covers.

 But this latest idea we're discussing is none of those things, it's something that uses both our talents and hopefully soon there'll be something to show you and to sell once we get past the talking stage and on to the making stage!!

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