Thursday, 3 October 2013

Handmade heart cards

Heart cards by Jenny Stacy £2-50 each
I'd be happy to spend all day making more of these! I used to make them in all sizes - these are the smallest. While I was making them I was thinking I could do them as Christmas gift tags with a stocking or a tree or a star on instead of the heart.

Yesterday local photographer Dave Tull came in with some new desk top calendars he has made. These are neat and colourful and will make useful gifts.

 I can imagine keeping one wrapped in the cupboard for that moment when someone comes to the door with a present and you hadn't thought they would get you anything... You know that scenario and the awkwardness of admitting you 'hadn't quite got round to wrapping their present from you yet...'!! 

Christmas is still keeping a very low profile in Handmade Happiness. I feel it's too early to be puting Christmas things under peoples' noses. But I must admit that the discreet basket of ceramic Christmas decorations by Kate Hackett is already low on small robins!! And on Friday Sue Inglis is coming in with her knitted Christmas garland - so resistance is futile - from next week the Christmas countdown will truly begin!

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