Friday, 25 October 2013

We're in the Petersfield Post this week

Another shockingly bad photo by me - trying to avoid the reflection of the buildings opposite and still failing to do so!
It is so nice to have my daughter Amy staying. That is why I'm running late this morning. We talk and talk and now I must rush to get everything done before work.

Pleased that the Petersfield Post used my press release and you can see Tara, my shop neighbour and I on page 19. I absolutely hate having my picture taken but this is good publicity for our shops, to let people know that we are here and hopefully they'll come by and check us out.   


Anonymous said...

I came across your shop by chance today and absolutely loved it... I bought a number of Christmas pressies which I'm sure friends/family will adore (as well as a beautiful pot for my makeup brushes!). I have added a 'pin' onto pinterest too, spreading the word of a lovely shopping experience :-) Lesley

jenny said...

It was so nice to meet you, Lesley. I hope you'll be able to pop in again one day so we can continue the conversation!