Tuesday, 1 October 2013


This pretty hydrangea soon changed colour to pink in my garden soil
This month - not October already(!) - the shop celebrates its second birthday. Handmade Happiness is a work in progress constantly changing and evolving. Yesterday I had a meeting with the bank's business adviser to see if there were any improvements I could make. She suggested banking online as much as possible because it's only when a bank employee is involved that charges are incurred. I'm old fashioned enough not to like puting my trust in machines. In fact the money under the mattress form of banking appeals a lot to me but I'm biting the bullet and changing the way I bank for the business from now on.

Tonight there will be no drop in craft session. Much as I hate to admit to failure the drop in craft sessions have not worked and although people think they'd like to join in, turning out on a Tuesday night (which means missing the 'Great British Bake Off') has been too big an ask. Last week just one person showed up. The two of us still had a good time but sorry I'm not going to continue with it. Maybe in the future something better will evolve. I still like the idea of having a table with chairs somewhere in the shop where anyone can sit down and have a creative play. I'll have to think about making space for that...
Happy October!

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