Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Chichester's ancient stones

Chichester cathedral
The cloisters
An ancient cut through
Through the arch to get to the Bishops Palace Gardens
An ancient doorway
 Chichester is an old Roman town now grown into a big city. 
See the cathedral's cloisters pictured above? A friend says she saw a man there who appeared to have no legs. It was only afterwards that she realised he looked like a Roman centurion  or soldier and in his day the ground would have been much lower...

Yesterday Frank Higgins brought in more of his marvellous handmade kaleidoscopes to Handmade Happiness. Some new styles for customers to enjoy. 

As they are quite precious I recently moved Frank's work to a glass cabinet. I soon realised that this was a mistake as sales came to a halt. The kaleidoscopes are now back in their original display position where customers can pick them up freely.

 I wonder whether anything you put behind glass in a display cabinet is unlikely to sell as well as if it is out in the open available for people to touch it. The answer, as Frank suggested is to remove the door of the glass cabinet (it's tall and thin) so there is no barrier.

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