Wednesday, 2 October 2013

What am I making?

Glued fabrics, paper and paint
My sweetie jar of tiny rocaille beads next to the Bluebell Gray cushion Amy and Jesse gave me on their wedding day
Another sheet of paper, fabric and paint
 I'm late writing this morning because I've been doing this. I was triggered into action by Tara (my shop neighbour) admiring something on my wall that I used to make years ago. They sold well so I don't know why I stopped making them. Anyway I'm making them now and hopefully I'll be able to show you tomorrow what they look like because I should have finished some by then.

Yesterday Vicki Hunt came in with three more of her stunning bird paintings (pictures to come) and Kirstie Turner dropped by with lots more of her silver jewellery. Come in and try on her latest rings, they are very desirable and individual. Handmade Happiness is lucky to feature such talent.

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