Saturday, 19 October 2013

Handmade Happiness - the foyer and beyond

The entrance wall - just feet from the doorway
A neater area inside the main shop room
 Handmade Happiness has an unusual layout. You go in by double door into a foyer or small room then off to the right is the main, large shop room. It's this small foyer - a small strip of a room with a large wall area immediately opposite the entrance - that I have found it hard to know what to do with. 

 When I first opened I only had display boards - for the inspiration of makers and another community noticeboard in it. Now, with a lot more things to sell I am trying to incorporate it into more of a selling area. Out of sight in the first picture is a corner containing shelves of old 'vintage' fabric pieces - 1940s to 1960s. This is a new idea. 

In the main body of the shop I had a day yesterday of re-grouping items so that, ideally, all of each makers' work is presented together - this is easier with some people's work than others. But I am happier with the way I have it now and will work more on this today. All the obviously Christmas items are in one place so visitors can, if they want to, turn a blind eye for the time being! 

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