Thursday, 17 October 2013

Lulu in autumn

Lulu belongs to my shop neighbour Tara. She has a huge number of fans!
Red autumn leaves against my trellis fence.
 Hasn't it got colder this week? As soon as I open my shop door the dry leaves of autumn rush in. I'm forever brushing them out again. I like to have the shop door open, it's welcoming but recently I've had to close it or I'd be sweeping all the time.

Lulu is a frequent visitor from Tara Interiors next door. As soon as the sun shines she basks in any warm spot she can find. It seems that everyone passing knows Lulu and stops to give her a friendly pat. She is the most gentle dog I know and I've never heard  her growl. She does bark occasionally but only at the postman. For some reason she guards Tara's shop from the postman but will be pleased to see every other visitor. If ever you see Lulu stretched across my doorway just step over her. She won't move a muscle. She'll move for her mistress but not for me. I've grown used to having her around. A benign presence.

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