Friday, 11 October 2013

Fun with the embellisher

Experimenting with wools and a bit of silk
Reckon I can see a potential landscape here!
 When it's quiet in the shop I can play on the embellisher. It makes a hammering noise so I can't use it when anyone's looking round.

 It looks like a sewing machine only there's no thread. It has eight felting needles which bond fabrics into one another. Having wanted one for years when they were really expensive the price seemed to plummet at the time I opened the shop which is when I bought one.

 These are the pictures I would have shared yesterday. And yesterday I did lots more pieces, this time with metallic fabrics. I was wondering how to use them when a friend came in with an interesting piece of cut glove leather. Then I realised I could cut these random lumps into recognisable shapes.
But first I  have an order from London for a quantity of fairy boxes. Must start those today.

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