Thursday, 5 September 2013

The past, the present and the future

Two dolls by Jenny Stacy
Yesterday I had an interesting conversation with local artist June Heap about things creative and it set me thinking about making and how we decide on what we make and when we make it. I find it is easy to lose sight of where I've come from creatively in the rush for the new. I want to experiment with new ideas before fully exploring ideas that have only been half looked at in the past.

It's helpful to look back at old notebooks where I've recorded everything I've made or tried to make to see what, if anything I can re-visit. Do you record ideas and experiments in a notebook? 

Sometimes a customer will ask if I have any fairy boxes/ childrens' jewellery/ collage cards/charm bracelets or whatever and I'll realise I stopped making that thing a while ago... But why when it still sells?

Now in September when it's the start of the run up to Christmas it is important to focus on what we want to make and in what quantity. What sells best? What do we enjoy making best? Hopefully this will point to one and the same thing. Or like me you will want to make lots of the things you have made before and enjoy the excitement of experimenting to come up with some new gift ideas too.

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