Monday, 30 September 2013

A special toy shop

Bramble Corner in Forest Row, Sussex. Click on picture to visit the website.
A solid wooden fort and knights and princesses.
Realistic looking farm animals and farm workers.
What child would not love a go-cart like this one?
Love this pink ride in car and the pretty dolls house behind it.
Attractive party invitations
I read about this traditional toy shop in a magazine years ago and have always wanted to visit it. Well yesterday we pulled in nearby and it did not disappoint me. Some of the toys reminded me of things I used to play with ... remember 'jacks' anyone? Those little metal stars you picked up while bouncing a little rubber ball. I also bought a Fortune telling fish. Can you remember those red plastic film fish you put in the palm of your hand to see if it rolls up (passionate!) or just moves its head (jealous!) etc.

I love the wood fort. Do grandpas still spend hours in the shed making toys for small children? What a very special Christmas present a fort or a dolls house would be. I wonder if there are any woodworkers near Handmade Happiness who would be interested in making wooden toys for sale?

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jenny said...

Unfortunately this toy shop has now closed.