Sunday, 22 September 2013

Fabulous fashionistas - repeats tonight

Did you see this Channel 4 programme about stylish women over retirement age? I loved it and I notice it's repeated tonight on 4seven (channel 47 on freeview) at 8pm. I took the photos from the tv which is why they are not good photos.

These women - aged between 75 and 91 are gutsy and individual. They enjoy their lives and embrace fashion. Sorry I can't remember their names but from the top down, this lady  presented her portfolio of pictures to modelling agencies and she looks great! The person I've not photographed is Daphne Selfe - a beautiful, highly successful model often featured in magazines who is in her mid-eighties.

Next down is the art lover who wears black and  has a selection of painted/appliqued/ extraordinary jackets to wear over the black. Love her style.

The next picture shows a choreographer (she did 'Cats' among many others) still rehearsing dancers for West End shows now. Amazingly supple and fit!

Finally this woman is the oldest person to have worked for Gap. She now works in a fashion boutique and looks amazing!

To age well. That has to be the hope of all of us. To have confidence in ourselves and a bit of steel and fight. Not to sit quietly in an arm chair  but to dance, sing, talk - be visible not invisible. As the French say 'd'etre bien dans son peau' - to be comfortable in our own skin and like these fiesty women to not let age stand in the way of being the person we want to be.


Fibre frenzi said...

I thought it was an absolutely brilliant programme.......if they can do it, so cam we!!!

Anonymous said...

I guess HRT helps! All the 'amazing' older women I have met are pumped full of the stuff.
As my mother says: If you could buy a beautiful skin with expensive cosmetics, how come the Queen is wrinkly?