Tuesday, 24 September 2013


 I'd like to know what sheep think about. And whether or not they dream. And how much communication takes place between one sheep and another. Perhaps if I watched those countryside programmes on the tv I'd know more or perhaps no-one knows the answer to those questions. 

Anyway these are the sheep I saw on Sunday with my mother.

I went to Chichester yesterday and enjoyed looking at the clothes and jewellery in Sahara in South Street. They stock Out of Xile a brand Tricot Too used to have.

What I actually bought were some sticky labels for work from the Martha Stewart range for Staples and 3 Pritt glue sticks from the same place. And some luggage labels for prices from Office Supplies in Crane Street.

The purpose of the trip to Chichester was to pick up a box of handmade Christmas decorations from Kate Hackett. Her ceramic decorations are very popular. I know it feels a little early but I'm puting them on display in Handmade Happiness today.

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