Saturday, 28 September 2013

More shop glimpses ...

Part of the new window display: Bear by Lindsey Agostinelli; beautiful wood cut cards by Rosamund Fowler; wren by Michelle Green;  both jugs by Ali Cooper; baby hat and gloves by June Knight; bowl by Samantha Robertson; cup cake and cupcake card by Sue Inglis; toast rack  by Kate Hackett and embroidered picture by Sheila Barrow.
Silver rings by Kirstie Turner on a slate cake stand by Eve Deary.
Cute key rings by Sue Inglis £6-50 each.
These pictures are for my American readers. Local people can visit the shop and see all these lovely handmade gifts in the flesh! The reason I say this is because (a) it's been a quiet week in the shop and (b) at 7pm exactly last night 72 Americans were reading this blog simultaneously. That's the wonder of blogger, you can see who's reading it and when! The technology is still beyond my understanding. 

I was trying to figure out etsy last night, as my son has said I must have an etsy shop. Only the ugly drawing saying 'Aw Snap' kept coming up and losing the connection for me. Luckily the drawing only seems to appear when I'm looking at etsy so I'll persevere...

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