Tuesday, 17 September 2013

A Handmade Wedding

The lace and diamante' hair decoration I made
Glittered bottles for roses, glittered jars for candles
Some silver glitter, some gold glitter.
 Making things for a wedding instead of buying them not only saves money but also gives the wedding a really individual look.

 At the Stacy-Foyle wedding men wore flowers made of pink crepe paper and white crepe paper flowers were strung in long garlands from the beams of the outbuildings. And gold and silver star garlands hung down the walls.

 Amy bought a bunch of dark red and a bunch of pale pink roses which we wrapped in pale gold net and champagne satin ribbon to make bouquets for her (red roses) and for her bridesmaids (pale roses) to carry. The rest of the roses went individually into the glittered bottles (see above.)

The real flower petal confetti came from my garden and two of my friends' gardens! Everyone was passed a collaged card cone (made by Sophie) of confetti to throw over the newly married couple.

The couple were really lucky in having a perfect venue for the reception at Jesse's family home. His family worked so hard to make everything perfect for the big day. The garden looked amazing and extra salad stuffs were grown in the kitchen garden to feed the 80 guests. 

There was no official photographer, guests took photos. The DJ at the disco turned out to be a surprisingly life like shop mannequin dressed up. Lots of donated strings of fairy lights hung everywhere and the big bulb light garlands were the village Christmas decorations loaned free of charge!

It was a wedding where everyone pitched in with their skills or their possessions to make it the best day ever! And honestly...it was. 


Fibre frenzi said...

A gorgeous bride.....so happy for her!

jenny said...

Thanks Alison. Could you email me the website address where you got your photo books made? We'd like to get one made for them. Hope all goes well with you.x

Lindsey said...

Sounds as though it was a great day Jenny, & so much handmade, must have all been stunning. Did you shed a tear?
(I have 2 bears for you if you are interested!!!)

Chrissy said...

We made a photo book via Jessops - absolutely brilliant service where you can crop and enlarge parts of photos and improve lighting...to a degree.