Wednesday, 25 September 2013

New in the shop

Kate Hackett's ceramic Christmas decorations £3 each
Painted and varnished wooden letters and plain wood decorations and numbers to make with
 Christmas things are starting to creep in to the shop. 

Yesterday I displayed Kate's lovely new decorations and Sue Inglis came in with knitted Christmas pudding cards.

 Some people (not me) are organised enough to spread their Christmas buying over the whole year. I do see the sense in buying something you love when you see it as chances are it will be gone when you go back for it. That's all about recognising quality. I like to think that Handmade Happiness is all about quality. There are beautiful things in the shop made by very talented local people.

At the moment lots of people are coming in and telling me they will be back to buy their Christmas presents and they love the shop. Excellent. November and December is when shops like mine take most of their money. In fact the majority of shops take most of their money in November and December. To encourage people to spend the rest of the year they have sales. A handmade shop cannot have a sale it just has to hope that those people who spread their Christmas buying over the year visit!

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