Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Playing with ideas

Seeing what happens with different fabrics and the embellisher 
Yesterday it was good to 'talk creative' with my friend Bee Mellor and our mutual friend Ann Hutchins. Both of them are artists and embroiderers and I love their work.
 I would love to have more of what they make in Handmade Happiness. I'm still hung up on the handmade clothes idea or upcycling/ piecing old clothes to make new. I would also like bags and purses and more pictures.

Yesterday as we talked about the possibility of a joint project Bee searched through my box of felted scraps for what she called 'starting points'. While she's in England we're hoping to have time to get this joint project idea off the ground. It's exciting and today, in the shop I hope to make some kind of experimental prototype. 

The shop is a space with nice things to buy in it. It is also a space where things get made and talking about making:

Tonight we're making paper flowers at the drop in craft session. 7.30pm to 9.00pm

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