Saturday, 31 August 2013

Making flowers

Pink flower from old linen shirt
 The bride likes this one but is less keen on the red velvet roses (too wintery) and the pale pink flowery linen roses (too girly) so after some discussion and re-manipulation of fabrics I'm back to making white crepe paper flowers (see previous post) for long garlands which the bride really likes and I think will look great hanging from the beams of various outbuildings at the farm where the wedding will be held.

Making flowers has been a good learning experience for me.  Basically they've got to be fairly flat or they stick out unnaturally from the lapel. Adding two or three individual hand-sewn petals works well and use your fabric double. 

You should be seeing fabric roses as brooches in the shop fairly soon! And I think the rich red velvet ones will look fab on coats this winter. But if you come into the shop today you'll see me glueing white paper petals together for flower garlands... it's the final countdown - just two weeks til the wedding now.

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