Friday, 30 August 2013

Little things in the window this week

A selection of small things for sale in Handmade Happiness now
Pictured above are: silver bracelet by Paul Drake; key rings by Sue Inglis £6-50 each and ceramic dove by Eileen Brown £6-00; decorated hair grips by me £3-50 each; sheep by Michelle Green £2-50 each; knitted cup cake by Sue Inglis £4-95; sugar tong bracelet by Jenny Shutler £30-00; owl and bracelet by Glen Wellstead £6-00 each; hedgehogs by Sue Inglis £7-50; cat toast rack and strawberry mug at £18-00 by Kate Hackett; set of slate coasters by Eve Deary £16-00. 

Also in the window this week are Samantha Robertson's green and blue bowls and mugs and Ann Hutchins embroidered scenes with sheep.

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