Thursday, 29 August 2013

Interested in selling your beautiful work?

Girl brooches painted by Jenny Stacy
What do you make? Handmade Happiness stocks well-made original craft pieces and is looking for more beautiful things to sell in the run up to Christmas. 
If you think your work has the 'wow' factor please email me with images and I'll get back to you straight away*.   

I'm loving the look of Japanese 'Boro' fabric and would love to stock little bags/purses inspired by this technique - see  Little boats/ houses made with drift wood; baby/childrens' clothes knitted or sewn though no man made fibres/ acrylic yarn please; blown glass. Just a few ideas but you've got your own ideas and I'd love to see them! 

Yesterday I had a delivery of some utterly soft cashmere cardigans in pretty colours. Come and have a look.
Meanwhile I'm still working on mens' corsages. I'd like to show you but the camera still hasn't turned up. Bear with me!!
*sorry but I can't sell work made outside the UK.

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the woolly dog said...

Thank you very much for the link Jenny! good luck with your foraging for Christmas stock.