Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Button fun

Handmade buttons by Jenny Stacy. £1 each. Machine washable.
 I have been making buttons like these for over 20 years and I still love to make them. It feels like playing. People who make things are lucky. They get absorbed into what they are doing and time stands still for them. It's a bit like being able to step into something else if that doesn't sound too weird. 

I suppose it's a bit like a man and his shed. He can go there for a bit of 'me time' to focus on things outside of his job and his family. Hopefully nowadays a woman is as likely to have her own 'shed' as a man is. Only she might call it her 'studio' and think about pretty ways to decorate it!

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Anonymous said...

A room of one's own as Virginia Woolf said