Sunday, 25 August 2013

Why do shops not stock wedding colours?

Wedding style mood board by Jenny Stacy. Made and sold a while back.
I looked locally and I looked in London for pale pink crepe paper. I don't want salmon pink or Barbie pink or hot pink I want pale pink. I can order online but I am thinking that with so many people wanting soft, vintage colours - pale peach, cream, tea-stained for example for wedding decor why have the shops not cottoned on? I had the same problem finding nice colour glitter. Lots of red, blue, green and yellow gold glitter but no pale gold or white glitter.

Is it just me or do you go in shops and find the colours are too hard? I'm talking about clothes in hard electric blues, turquoises and neon pink. Or black. So much black in the shops and ok some women like to wear black for work but what about the rest of us? Where are soft pale blues, hydrangea colours, pansy colours, rose colours? 

The mens' wedding corsages are underway now. Hurray! 15 to make but at least I know what I'm doing now. Amy also wants giant flowers. Hence the search for pale pink crepe paper. I've found it on Amazon but I am thinking that maybe I should stock some of those softer coloured crepes/tissues/glitters in the soon-to-be-up-and-running Handmade Happiness 'To make with' section.


Anonymous said...

Cheap imported products are often dyed wirth cheap strong chemical dyes. The mass global market wants hot sun colours. Only in places like drizzly grey England do pastels have a big flowing. There are probably only a couple of crepe paper manufactures in the whole world, probably in China.

In the 1950's my mother made very life like crepe flowers from thick 2-tone paper, avaliable in a huge variety of subtle colours. No double made nin England somewhere. All part of her florist's training.


Anonymous said...

Ha Ha, the power of internet shopping! here is some Italian crepe pastels used in floristry:


jenny said...

I like the sound of the two-tone paper. Will check out the Italian crepe paper. Thanks.