Sunday, 18 August 2013

London, Paris, Petersfield

Beautiful painted and collaged walls at Sketch, London. Photo from their website
 My friend Bee and her husband are in Paris this week and I must admit to being envious. Walking the streets of Paris and coming across all sorts of unexpected wonders is an exciting thing to do ...maybe next year. Meanwhile I am lucky enough to visit London where two of my children live, quite regularly.

When I lived in Chichester I used to hop on a train and visit Brighton for that injection of city excitement. Brighton shops and the colourful individuals in the street. It's like a wake up from the everyday. And it's inspiring. To visit an exhibition or a handful of shops in London now is to bring back a camera full of pictures and hopefully, a few new ideas triggered by things seen. But isn't it good to get back home? Back to, in my case, Petersfield, which I love. 

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