Monday, 12 August 2013

Real flowers and handmade flowers

A real white peony in the garden
 There is now a carrier bag full of white crepe paper flowers for wedding decoration. Today I want to wire them into a garland or two and cover the wire in green florist's tape. Looking at this real flower with its jaggedy edges which are so un-uniform makes me realise that we can only do poor imitations of nature. It's just lucky if one or two of the things we make come out anything like the real thing.

I was thinking of going to London today but the trip has been postponed to next week when younger daughter will be working in the shop for me.

Instead I'll get going on the mens' buttonhole flowers which will be made of fabric. And looking at this peony there will be a more jaggedy edge than I first envisaged.


Chrissy said...

But Jenny, are you trying to mimic nature or just have nature influence what you go on to create?

jenny said...

Good point Chrissy!