Friday, 2 August 2013

Arches for Hazel

In the cloisters at Chichester Cathedral
Ancient doorway
                                                         Going through to the Bishop's Palace Garden

When living in Chichester we used to walk to the Bishop's Palace Gardens so many times, probably hardly noticing the ancient stone buildings around us. It felt like a secret place in that many people didn't know it existed. 

At some time in history the then Bishop decided to allow the public to use the greater part of his gardens. Go through the archway above, turn sharp left and you're there. They aren't publicised, that is why many people who live in Chichester don't know about them. 
I remember the children leaning over the fish pond and them rolling down the grassy slopes around the main lawn. It changes with the seasons and has some lovely old trees plus you can climb to the city wall, part of which wraps the garden. In the time of the plague this wall offered the city some protection from infection I think.
Why for Hazel? Hazel, now living in the States, enjoys pictures like these!   


Anonymous said...

Both my son and daughter spent many happy hours in the Bishop's Palace Gardens while attending Chichester High Schools.

I dread to think what they were up to (bunking off school mostly) but most romances seemed to start in the 'Bish Gardens'


Anonymous said...

thank-you, thank - yes I do love these pictures of such wonderful places.