Sunday, 11 August 2013

Balloon weather

Right over our heads!
Gaining height.
Big balloon, small plane
 Last night, after a very busy day in the shop, my son and his girlfriend came to visit.  As we walked (yes, we saw the deer again) this balloon passed over us. Imagine floating peacefully in a balloon when a small plane passes underneath you. Must be a weird feeling. 

We ate at Fez Petersfield's Turkish restaurant. We all agreed that the food was perfect. I like communal eating when you all take from the same large plate. Hummous, aubergine in a tasty ratatouille, feta and halloumi cheeses, taboulleh, vine leaf parcels, with flat bread. All delicious. There are lots of meat options too but Fez is an ideal place for vegetarians to eat.
In the shop I often get asked to recommend a local cafe or restaurant. Natural Apothecary I recommend as the best cafe.

This morning and late last night saw me glittering more bottles and jars. I'm meeting Amy and her partner this morning where my mum lives to pass across wedding stuff. But I still haven't cracked the problem of how to transport those things without the glitter falling off. Perhaps I just have to accept that some glitter will fall off. Hopefully they'll still look pretty!

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