Saturday, 3 August 2013

Glittering jars and bottles

Yesterday younger daughter manned the shop (she did an excellent job!) so I could get on with making wedding stuff at home.
I've done 23 of these so far but lots more are needed. If you have any jam jars that would otherwise go in the re-cycling bin - bring them in to Handmade Happiness!! 
If you want to do some yourself this is what I did:

Start on the draining board with a couple of plates to catch spilled glitter. Apply masking tape round the jar and optionally another strip round the base if you want a band of glitter rather than to cover half the jar with it.

Next apply 'Mod Podge' (an American glue you can get at Hobbycraft etc. My daughter tried with pva but it wasn't successful) to the lower half of the jar. Holding the jar at a tilt over your plate shake on glitter until glued area is covered. Put excess glitter back in tube with aid of cone of paper. Leave to dry. Then carefully pull off masking tape.

Re: the colour of your glitter. These are a mix of gold and white glitter. Amy likes pale gold and the gold glitter by itself looks a bit brassy. I just shook approx a quarter white glitter with three quarters gold glitter to achieve this colour.

At the wedding the bottles (these are clear beer bottles) will be used for flowers and the jars for night lights. The problem is how to transport them without most of the glitter coming off! I think the best idea is those squared off glasses holding boxes.
Carol suggested spraying with aerosol glue to seal the glitter which seems a brilliant idea but I'm worried about the glue being flammable. So any ideas from you, reader, would be welcome.


Lynne Davidson said...

Have just done a de clutter and put quite a few jars out in the recycle bin....can easily rescue them and bring them in next week if you want?

jenny said...

If it's no trouble for you I'd appreciate them. Thank you.

Lynne Davidson said...

Probably will be able to drop them off Thursday/Friday morning. Glad to see them going to a good home.